Friday, January 25, 2013


                I had purchased these specifically to keep the harsh Arizona sun out of Morgaine’s eyes during our hikes, and I was really excited when they arrived.
                The glasses come in a little cloth pouch that you can use to clean the lenses with (it also provides a nice soft case if you need to store the Doogles in your backpack).
                The sunglass straps fit snugly under her chin and behind her ears, and the glasses themselves have cushioning on the frames so they sit comfortably.
                While they fit comfortably and securely, she isn’t quiet used to her cool shades yet and keeps trying to swipe them off. So we’re still in the “adjustment phase” of this operation.
                 I have noticed that her depth perception or field of vision (or both) seems to be altered when she wears her Doogles. She tends to trip, so when we hike over difficult terrain, I normally take them off her.
                Overall, I think these will become a hiking staple. They seem to be well made, sturdy, and designed for maximum comfort.
                Doogles are offered in a variety of sizes and colors (for example the frames are available in red, black, silver and a gold color) and there are a variety of lenses available for purchase as well (clear, polarized, ext). The price ranges from store to store. I paid around $25.00 for her pair.


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